About Us

Astra’s mission is to create innovative telematics hardware uniquely designed to any customer’s specifications in an ever-growing connected world. We design and manufacture IoT tracking devices with the aim of generating a more efficient way of living.

Our Story

Astra Telematics was founded in 2006 by an electronic engineer, now our Technical Director, with over 20 years of experience in the M2M / IoT / telematics business. Our goal is simple, to be a global leader in the design and manufacture of IoT devices for all applications.  Astra Telematics IoT and tracking devices can be found in vehicles and applications in all continents of the world.

The team at Astra dedicate themselves to IoT hardware development which enables them to produce the most advanced telematics hardware systems on the market. By exclusively managing the hardware side of telematics, the company allows the Application Service Providers to focus solely on their software development. As a result, Astra’s IoT tracking devices are available for a wide variety of telematics applications; creating the ultimate telematics hardware.

As an IoT device manufacturer, Astra build reliable telematics boxes to suit the customer’s needs. We understand that sometimes ‘ready-made’ IoT tracking devices are not always practical, which is why our team of expert developers are eager to work with clients interested in custom-built telematics hardware. By doing this, we minimise the client’s stress of producing such a product, whilst maximising the capability of the IoT hardware development.

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