Astra’s telematics hardware designed to benefit many.

Airport Asset Management

Optimise equipment maintenance and improve operational performance of your airport assets with Astra Telematics hardware.

Connected Vehicles

Second to none communication between Astra’s telematics box and ASP provider, which will ensure a smooth customer experience when it’s time ride.

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Fleet Management

Monitor your fleet's faults with over 200 data fields and reduce the cost of unplanned maintenance and unexpected vehicle downtime with Astra Telematics boxes.

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Plant Machinery and Security

Our devices are designed to withstand some of the harshest elements, which makes it an ideal candidate for integration to plant machinery and security fleet.

Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitor temperature from a distance and get extensive reports on refrigeration equipment’s running processes and all the necessary information to keep the important stuff chilled.

Road Sweepers & Gritters

Ensure your road maintenance vehicles always have clear communications with your ASPs due to our IP67 waterproof sealing, allowing some of our IoT tracking devices to resist any type of weather

Need support choosing an ASP, platform or other partner?

Our devices are compatible with many Application Service Providers for fleet management, plant and machinery security, airport asset management and moto-sharing (to name a few). If you would like our help in choosing a partner to suit your requirements, we are here to assist.  Please contact us with details and we can start a dialogue...

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